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CEngS' mission statement is to simply provide our customers with efficient engineering. Never forget that for us it is a pleasure to serve you.

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Custom Engineering Solutions

Custom Engineering Solutions, or CEngS, is an electrical engineering company that offers a complete range of engineering services to safeguard individuals and equipment, while helping our clients meet NFPA 70B recommendations. CengS mainly focuses on substation packaging, transmission distribution and thorough system planning.

Engineering Services

Here at CEngS, we offer a vast amount of engineering services. Short circuit & coordination studies is a service in which we conduct a study of your elecrical distribution system. From that study, we will recommend the most economical devices and settings for your facility. We can Update your system drawings, which can and will have a positive effect on how you run operations. This update can help you by avoiding costly mistakes, improve safety and lock-out/tag-out procedures. We also offer load flow studies. A load flow study is where our technicians study your facility to improve system efficiency, performance as well as reducing the cost of power. These types of load flow studies include: reliability studies, stability studies, grounding studies, switching/transient studies, cable/ampacity studies and harmonic analysis.

Arc Flash Hazards

Because we work with such large scale electrical operations, we try to prevent arc flash hazards. Arc flash results in an explosive release of fire, energy and debris; The outcome usually results in serious injury or death. Because of this, there is a required test, required by the NFPA/OSHA guidelines, that must be done on each facility before anyone is allowed to work there. In addition to these tests, CEngS can provide required hazard labels as well as arc hazard training for your employees. CEngS can deliver arc flash hazard solutions by implimenting systems such as: arc detection, arc prevention and arc mitigation.

Reliability & Maintenance

When operating a facility, there is always going to be some type of repair to be done. What we can offer you is a very well-designed maintenance program. With our program, you experience increased equipment, uptime, improved safety, reduced operating/replacement costs and the ability to avoid unexpected failures. At CEngS, we can structure a maintenance program to help you satisfy the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the National Electrical Code (NEC), the National Electric Safety Code (NESC), the IEEE requirements and the manufacturer's recommendations. We provide predictive and preventive maintenance testing. These tests enhance the overall safety & reliability of your power system.

Why CEngS Benefits You
  • One Focal Point Concept to Completion
  • Retrofit Associated Cost Savings
  • Weekend Installation Without Premium Cost
  • Experts in the Field
  • Program All Types of Relays
  • Trip & Function Check of Equipment
  • Training Tailored to Your Site
  • Relay Expert Team With 20+ Years Experience
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