Training Tale—CEngS

In May 2012, as the Authorized Agent of Power Line Systems, Inc.,Custom Engineering Solutions Inc., (CEngS) carried out "Computerized Transmission Line Design Hands on Training using the PLS-CADD" in Panama City, Panama

With the attendance of Engineers from Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Venezuela, the training was successfully conducted by Frank Noori, Co-Founder of Custom Engineering Solutions & assisted by Archibaldo Clealand, General Manager of CEngS-Panama.

As a Power Line Systems, Inc.  Authorized Agent, we are glad to announce that this was the first of a series of official PLS-CADD, PLS-Pole & PLS-Tower hands on training classes specifically designed & geared for Latin America.

Upcoming PLS-CADD Training—Panama City September 17– 21, 2012

A Specialized course taught in Spanish focussing on computer - aided design.  Key features of this course include
  • Background theory and computer exercises
  • Review of basic line design concepts
  • State-of-the-art integrated software
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Training Transmission Lines & PLS - CADD

Learn how to use advanced integrated software to expedite your design and upgrade projects.

Practice using transmission line design software on your own computer.

Special arrangements can be made prior to class if you prefer to rent one of our computers.

Gain a solid understanding of transmission line design and behavior.

Learn how to design new transmission lines and upgrade existing ones.

"Trained talents " talk...

"I thought that the class and content were wonderful. The trainers did a great job teaching this course"

"I really liked the intermingled combination of hands-on computer work, illustrations of practical situations, and understandable explanations of the associated physics. Excellent course, I learned a lot!"

  In-house Training

CEngS  Instructors can visit client facilities for private instructions which will be cost saving to train multiple people in US, Caribbean, Central or South America.  Classes can be taught in English or Spanish and CEngS will supply all the necessary licenses, instruction books as well as Certificates of Completion.