Starting February off with Our First Newsletter!

As the year begins to progress at Custom Engineering Solutions. We start working enthusiastically with our New Year’s resolutions in mind and our new ideas put to work.

One of our New Year's resolutions is how do we stay in touch with our customers?

For thouse of you who do not know what CEngS is we provide our customers with efficient engineering. Our engineers work hand and do the best they can in the engineering field. For us it is our pleasure to serve you.

This newsletter is the first step into what could be an amazing adventure. The job hasn't been easy but eventually us here at CEngS were able to turn it into a productive and creative experience which merged itself into this newsletter.

I hope the readers of this newsletter enjoy it as mush as I do.


Shellaney's New Responsibilities

Shellancey Bettencourt-primenta has been working with CEngS for seven years as an administrator. She's in charge of answering phone calls, filing, expenses, etc. Now Shellaney now concentrates on invoicing and payables, maintains P.E. licenses as well as individual state work authorizations, and she now contacts clients and does cold calling.

Shellaney is head of the administrative department at CEngS. The other administrators look up to her for adviced and guidance throughout their jobs. We here at CEngS feel completely comfortable giving her a few new responsibilities.

These responsibilities are very important but we trust Shellaney to do her best handle these new responsibilities with confidence. knowing shellaney my self, I am one-hundred percent sure that Shellaney will carry out her new tasks with her head up high and with great progress.

Good luck Shellaney!

-Amanda Noori

Why Belleville Washers vs. Split Ring lock Washers?

As the infrared technology developed many loose bolts were discovered at the substations and line switch connections. There were two reasons for why this is: one is that there was not enough tension on the bolts and the second was due to different material between switch pads and connections.

Split Ring Lock washers can exert 350 lbf of clamping tension and Belleville washers can exert 4000 lbf of clamping tension. As you now, copper and aluminum have different properties so as the material gets hot and cold due to weather and the current passing through the connections they expand and contract at a different rate. Over time, this causes the bolts to loosen.

Due to the high tension of the Belleville washers, it is recommended to use flat washers between the material and the Belleville washers to keep the Belleville washers from eating into the material. We recommend that with the usage of the bolts you utilize two flat washers, head and nut end; Belleville on the nut end and than the nut for your connections.

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